working papers

  1. (En-) 'lightening' Children: Assessing the Impacts of Access to Electricity on Children's Achievement Levels (with Somdeep Chatterjee and Jai Kamal) [PDF available on request]

works in progress

  1. How parental alcohol consumption affects children's education outcomes in India

  2. How the customs of dowry and child marriage in India affect girls' education outcomes in response to an exogenous reduction in education costs


1. Universal basic income and the Indian macroeconomy [Ideas for India - PDF, Permanent Link] [Qrius - PDF, Permanent Link]

2. The View from Sitapur (Of the Indian Economy that I knew - Or so I thought) [The Hindu - PDF, Permanent Link]

3. How long do you spend on Facebook? - Econometrics for dummies! [Ceteris Paribus - PDF, Permanent Link]


  1. The slow pace of structural transformation of employment in post-Independence India (with Priyesh Jain). [PDF]

  2. Value and Distribution: A Capital Theory Debate [PDF]