1. Universal basic income and the Indian macroeconomy [Ideas for India - PDF, Permanent Link] [Qrius - PDF, Permanent Link]

2. The View from Sitapur (Of the Indian Economy that I knew - Or so I thought) [The Hindu - PDF, Permanent Link]

3. How long do you spend on Facebook? - Econometrics for dummies! [Ceteris Paribus - PDF, Permanent Link]

working papers

  1. (En-) 'lightening' Children: Assessing the Impacts of Access to Electricity on Children's Achievement Levels (with Somdeep Chatterjee and Jai Kamal) [PDF available on request]

  2. The slow pace of structural transformation of employment in post-Independence India (with Priyesh Jain). [PDF]

  3. Value and Distribution: A Capital Theory Debate [PDF]

works in progress

  1. Impact of the pre-primary education component of India's Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) on long-term outcomes.

  2. Do lower socio-economic households get access to the pre-primary education component of India's ICDS?

  3. Differences in outcomes of government schools of states that provide pre-primary education and those that don't.